Light Truck


High-density pattern design. Reinforced sidewall with robust casing will provide sufficient support to commercial vehicle.


Double-ply casing construction designed for heavy loads at highway speed with outstanding durability.  Double steel belts plies and double full jointless nylon cap plies create layers of strength bearing heavy loads with superior stability.


This tyre reaches peak performance in both dry and wet conditions.  It has increased performance and reduced tread wear and is also low noise in both new and worn stages.


This is a special design for mini-van and compact cars.  A combination construction of polyester casing and steel belts provides outstanding durability.  Long tyre life provides remarkable value for end users.

ST303 (TT – Set)

Five-rib design for improved handling and wet traction.  Combination of polyester casing and steel belts increases durability.  Wide treat width and low-heating compound ensure longer tire life.

This tyre comes as TT (Set) – Tyre, tube and flap


This tyre is suitable for mini-bus, van and commercial light trucks.  Strong sidewall design enables high durability and fights off cuts and abrasions in city roads.  Triple polyester belt plies creates strength bearing heavy loads with superior stability.


Wider tread width and high-density pattern design provides this tyre with more sufficient contact area.  This means improved grip for the driver and more powerful traction.  This pattern is also designed to be abrasion resistant meaning higher mileage.