Four wide circumferential grooves to ensure quick and efficient water evacuation for enhanced wet traction. Random pitch tread blocks are staggered to break up the pattern noise for quiet riding


Variable grooves and sipes optimise the contact with the road and improve traction when cornering and reduces noise.


Built to deliver exceptional ride quality and stability for daily commute All season handling, comfortable ride and exceptional wet and dry capability



Tapered rain channels working with circumferential grooves to accelerate water evacuation for optimal water traction Extra sipes and variable tread block sizes to keep road noise low for a quite, comfortable ride. Continuous centre rib enhances steering responsiveness and on-centre feeling while improving lateral stability and traction.



Asymmetric tread design increases cornering stability for better all-season performance Silica-based compound maximizes contact between the tyre and the road for enhanced grip in wet and dry conditions Two wide circumferential grooves quickly and efficiently evacuate water for enhanced wet traction.



Premium performance tyres for sedans and racing cars Silica Tech was adopted for low rolling resistance and low noise Rim Protector protects the wheel rim and provides superior handling control and enhanced cornering.